Why do we decline some projects?

The simple answers is because it is out of our scope at that point in time and refer you to someone more capable of handling your requirements. Not because we are choosy or arrogant.

In any of our development plan, this is the most important part. To accept the project or to decline the project? To answer this, we assess all our resources, skills, and capabilities; both humanly and technologically. Then we look at the costs involved and finally, put all these variables together against the time scale. It could be any of the factors that offsets the chances of the project being a success.

Lets take a simple example. SFX is an advertising company that needs to develop a ASP/SQL web application. This application is to collect and display all the advertising sales details that are created by each member of its sales team. This data is dynamic and updated daily. The company wants us to host and manage the application as a requirement.

In this scenario, we take in all the requirements of the project and assess all our resources. During this assessment, our team concludes negatively due to the fact that the project would require us to lease a server and do backups daily. We would not be able to provide daily backups on a leased server. So instead of risking the success of the project, we turn down the project and refer SFX to someone we know that has the resources and capabilities to take on the project.

Which would you prefer? To cheat you or to honestly tell you that we cannot fulfil the requirements?

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